Client Testimonials



Fred is an excellent communicator, has a genuine desire to help people succeed in business and behaves in a manner that always puts others before himself, which is highly refreshing. 

Stephen Bell, 1st Easy Ltd.


Fred listens to your business problems and is able to offer you solutions to help.  A true gentleman!

Nigel Parry, Intercare Ltd. 


Fred is an experienced business consultant who understands how SMEs work and can work at any level within an organisation. He also has access to a network of contacts who’s skills he can draw on to support any organisation.

Peter Hitchen, Instep UK Ltd.


Fred has a desire to help others succeed.  His simplicity of approach and ability to ask direct questions is a real asset.  

Colin Cameron, Mutech Ltd.


Testimonial Letters from valued clients:


Nigel Parry - Intercare

Chas McGregor - McGregors

Paul Whitehead - Cutlers